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Coles Supermarkets Fuel Docket – 8 Flybuys Points Per Litre with paper docket - Terms and Conditions

The ‘8 points per litre’ offer is valid at Shell Coles Express and Shell Reddy Express when you (1) scan your Flybuys card, (2) redeem a valid ‘4 cents or 8 points’ per litre Fuel Docket Offer using your paper fuel docket, which will be subject to the ‘Coles Supermarkets Fuel Docket Discount’ terms and conditions above; and (3) have fuel offer set to “POINTS” instead of “CENTS” within your Flybuys settings prior to the fuel transaction.

Your fuel offer settings can be updated at or via the Flybuys app. If “CENTS” is selected as the preferred fuel offer in the settings on the Flybuys account at the time of purchase, the 4 cents per litre fuel discount will be awarded as default and points will not be collected in respect of that fuel transaction. The selection of either “CENTS or “POINTS” will apply to all fuel offers available and to all members under that specific Flybuys account. A member can switch their fuel offer preference at any time during the calendar month, and the reward they will receive in respect of each fuel transaction will depend on the fuel offer preference as at the time of the fuel transaction. 

The 8 Flybuys points per litre offer can be redeemed multiple times, provided a valid Coles fuel discount docket or an activated Digital Fuel Docket is available and Flybuys card are presented each time.

Viva Energy may, in its discretion, from time to time separately offer additional Flybuys points to customers who redeem the Fuel Docket Offer, in addition to the 8 Flybuys points discount offered under these terms. Any additional discount will be offered solely by or on behalf of Viva Energy (and not the Coles Group) and will be subject to separate terms and conditions as advised from time to time by Viva Energy.